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The Process of the Promise

It’s your time to arise and embrace your destiny. The place where you have long to be is finally in view and it is now time for a Breakthrough Experience.

Many have answered the call and embraced the destiny ordained for them by God. However, there are still some who have not released or embraced their giftings, callings, and destiny. I decree and declare unto you now that it is time for women to come forth and say, “It’s My Time to Break the Chains and Burst Into Breakthrough”.

How many of you today are frustrated because you don’t know that you have a destiny or you do not know how to break through to reach it? What about the promises of God that have been placed within your spirit which have not come to pass? What is hindering you today? What chains bind you and keep you from reaching the promises of destiny? I submit to you that in order to embrace your destiny or discover it, there are certain things you need to examine.

Are you a drama queen? What is a Drama Queen? This is a woman who needs the pump and the pry to keep on going. Everything evolves around her and for her, even her prayer life. Even though she is a Christian, she has yet to perfect and submit specific areas in her life to God. Many have learned to play a part and put on the Church-face. Many have learned the script well. Surely, if there was an academy award for churches, this person would surely get an Oscar.

But there is hope! God is looking for women who will arise, go forth, and take the dominion He gave to them in the beginning. It’s now time to get rid of the “Drama Queen” mentality and accept that it’s time for you to become a woman of destiny! I have a few principles to help you embrace your destiny.

You must realize your authority. You have the ability to burst through and break through any situation that stands in the way of your destiny. The Holy Spirit is with you every step of the way. .

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